Nicola Organ

I used to go to Sunday school with my grandparents but like many people of my generation this fizzled out. I’ve always believed in God but did not have a proper relationship with Jesus.

After I finished my A levels I had two gap years and spent my summers working in bars in Tenerife and Magaluf as a PR and selling shots to tourists. I loved to party and led a life far from God. Eventually I realised I would not get a good job without a degree, so started at Bristol University studying Maths and Economics, but I did not have a clear idea of where I wanted my life to be heading; I hoped it could lead to a life in the city of London earning lots of money. I spent my weekends driving all over the country partying and having fun.

I was in my second year at university in December 2009 when I first went to the doctor with pains in the right side of my abdomen. They did a blood test mainly to put my mind at rest. The test was slightly more elevated than normal so I was sent for an ultrasound scan in March, which revealed a 7cm mass in my liver. Within days I started getting other symptoms and was rushed to hospital as they then suspected it was something “unfriendly” as they worded it. But God had a hand on me right from the start.

A few days later I was diagnosed with bile duct cancer and told there was less than a 1 in a million chance of me having this at my age. This is an extremely rare and difficult to treat cancer as not much research has been done on it.

I was initially told in hospital in Bristol there was not a cure. I was under Harley Street doctors who knew of a surgical cure but before they could do this I had to have a laparoscopy to ensure the cancer hadn’t spread anywhere else. By the time they had carried out various tests and procedures it turned out that they couldn’t do the surgery because of the rapid growth rate of the tumour, so I was sent back to Bristol for chemotherapy. Only now I can see that if I was able to have this surgery and be cured back in May, I probably would never have come to the Lord. Coming to know Jesus is the most important thing that has ever happened in my life.

From the start of the treatment my Mum and Grandma were urging everyone they could think of to pray for me.

Mum used to work with a lady called Claire Wallis, who is a Christian. A few months before being diagnosed my mum bumped into Claire, who she had not seen for about 10 years. She found out Claire was now running a Christian Healing ministry. A split second earlier she wouldn’t have seen her.

My Mum contacted Claire and asked if she could bring me for prayer. Claire invited us to come to Church with her the following Sunday and I am so glad we did. Mum and I gave our lives to the Lord and were baptised there and then.

The day after my baptism I was becoming jaundiced again, my skin was yellow and I had other symptoms which indicated the tumours were growing and my bile ducts were becoming blocked. I went to the Healing Rooms which is a ministry devoted to praying for the sick and had an amazing experience with God.

The next day I had a PICC line fitted, which was a tube that went through a vein in the top of my arm. This meant that drugs could be passed straight into my vein and they could take blood without needing to search for a vein every time. The amazing thing was that for the next four months I could only shower and could not be immersed in water. Praise the Lord that I had been baptised two days earlier. This was the first time I had been to church for many years, this was one of a few Baptism services held each year and this was the only Sunday I could have been baptised throughout the whole course of treatment.

I started my chemotherapy, which was to continue for four months. The nurse spent over an hour explaining all the possible side effects and how best to cope. The jaundice went away within just 2 days of starting treatment. Each time I went for prayer a different symptom would go. I had no side effects from the treatment since this was specifically prayed for.

Many of my friends were very worried about me as the doctors gave such a worrying prognosis. I told my friends that I was going to Church and had become a Christian. A few of them came to Church and began to encounter the Lord. One of my best friends since infant school, Kelly, asked if she and her Mum could come for prayer for various ailments. Kelly and her Mum were both saved that night.

Kelly had been trying for several years for a baby and within a very short time of having received prayer she declared, “God has given me a miracle, I am nine weeks pregnant.”

After much prayer from several people in our church and a guiding hand from Richard and Claire Wallis, my Mum’s boyfriend Jamie also gave his life to the Lord and was baptised a few weeks later.

At the end of over 4 months of Chemotherapy I had a scan. The doctors in Bristol said the chemotherapy had stopped working and there were more small tumours, but the big tumour had remained the same as it was at the half way point.

The Sunday after the scan was a preparation day in Church, where I had an amazing experience. The Pastor called anyone in need of healing up to the front and I went. He said, “If anyone needs a miracle it’s Nicola.” He then called all the elders of the church up to the front and everyone in the church came forward and prayed for me. It was a very intense and emotional experience. Mum, Grandma, my oldest and best friend Cheri and I were crying and at the same time Cheri gave her life to Jesus.

I was then referred to London where the team of consultants discussed the possibility of an operation that may have provided a cure, however the Consultants decided there was insufficient healthy liver for the curative operation.

First of all I told my Dad and I asked him to come to Church with us. He came with his partner Jenny and they both gave their lives to Jesus that day. My friend Stacy also came and gave her life to the Lord. All the way through this experience I have been urging everyone I know to open their hearts to God who loves them.

I then had to return to hospital and see the oncology consultants in both London and Bristol to discuss further treatment but neither were optimistic about the options and told me to think about quality of life. I left thinking I wouldn’t bother with any further treatment and decided to put 100% trust in the Lord.

Most of my time was been spent watching the God Channel, reading the Bible, listening to audio CDs about receiving a miracle and watching the Bay of the Holy Spirit revival on the internet. As a result I have experienced massive spiritual growth in a short space of time which makes me think about how all my non-Christian friends are seriously missing out!

On January 5th for 5 nights we went to Mobile, Alabama to attend the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. I can’t even put into words how amazing it was and what a special experience we had. We went believing for a powerful touch from God after seeing people receive miracles and travelling from all over. We also believed that being surrounded by powerful people of God in such a blessed environment would help us grow spiritually.

As soon as I got back I began receiving many messages on Facebook about where I’d been and what had happened because people were aware of what God was doing in my life. When we first began attending church there were five of us from my family but It has been growing week by week as God uses me to reach my friends with the love of Jesus.

Although I have not received a physical miracle the most amazing miracle of all is what God does in the heart when you give your life to Jesus. I know I will spend forever in eternity with Him. Becoming a Christian has given me the greatest peace of mind I could ever imagine. When I think about this last year and my family, there is absolutely no way I or they could have coped without God.

I was referred to St. Peters hospice a few weeks ago and it didn’t even phase me. All I thought was great, another team of people I can share Jesus with. I don’t worry, have fear or any doubts. When I’ve been in the oncology ward and see other cancer patients all I’m wondering is if they have Jesus in their lives because I couldn’t imagine coping just by what you hear from doctors in the physical world. For the first time, even when I thought I was at my happiest working abroad, I feel more content now going through this! I’ve only realised now that going all over the country at weekends partying during university I was just searching for something, because I thought this made up for how hard and boring I found the course. Now that has been replaced with God there is no need to keep searching. To me, being a Christian is the only thing in life that doesn’t have a negative side. Everything in life has its pros and cons, but being a Christian only brings peace, joy and a way of coping with the world we live in. As an academic I am not someone who would easily be led to believe in something that wasn’t real, but I have had so many incidences related to God, and genuinely experienced the presence of God, that there is no doubt in my mind. God is real and without God in your life there is no assurance of eternity in heaven.

If you would like to give your life to Jesus all you have to do is pray this simple prayer. The Bible says that, “If you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.” Romans 10: 9

The prayer to be saved

“Heavenly Father, forgive my sins. I believe that Jesus lived and died and that You raised Him to life again, all because You loved me. Lord Jesus, come into my heart and be the Lord of my life. Give to me assurance of my salvation. Come Holy Spirit and fill my heart as a child of the living God. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

Nicola went to be with Jesus on the 1st April 2011 having had an awesome impact upon the lives of many people. Her story is real and can still have a life changing affect upon you if you turn to the Lord.

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